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Please Note: We only offer “Home Visits” for Hand Knotted Persian or Custom/Bespoke Rugs.

You can spend a lot of time visiting your local rug retailers where you will see a limited selection of rugs and where they only want to sell you what they have in stock. Looking and buying online is fine if you know exactly what you want and how it will fit and work in your space. However, it is difficult to try a large selection and you never know exactly what you are buying.

I will look at 100’s or 1,000’s of rugs before bringing you the best ones to see in your room. This choice will cover all your parameters, including rugs below, within and above your budget- it is sometimes preferable to stretch slightly for the perfect rug rather than settle for second best!

I understand it is a big and important purchase so always offer you the chance to keep one or more on approval for a day or three so you can see it in different light situations. Very often your initial favourite will change during this period.

IF after all this you are not absolutely delighted with your rug choice then I will offer to start again or show you the bespoke rug process and pricing – which is quite often LESS expensive than buying from stock as you are commissioning direct from my weavers and removing the middle man.


Step 1: I will come to your home to discuss your requirements – whether it is for a rug from my showrooms or to discuss a bespoke project. Alternatively …..

Step 2:
You can send me your sizes, colours, fabric swatches, a rough budget and any other ideas I might find useful to start the rug search for you.

Step 3:
I can then send you images of suitable rugs for you to choose a selection to see at home.

Step 4:
I will then show you the selection in your home at a time and on a day to suit you.

Step 5:
If you need more time you are welcome to keep rugs on approval to see them in various light levels.



If you are bewildered by the sheer choice of rugs, and concerned over the lack of knowledge offered to the layperson, I would be happy to help you see or hear about the best options for your room. Depending on your requirements and location I offer an initial home consultation to see your space and to take maximum and minimum measurements. This will give me the best idea of what you are trying to achieve, what will actually work best taking into account your budget and the room foot traffic and general useage.


You also have the option to send me your fabrics, paint swatches, maximum and minimum sizes, budget, room photos and any other information you think will be useful – magazine images, web page addresses etc. etc..

I will then send you images of rugs I think will work well for you or suggest you have a bespoke rug made if nothing in stock is right for you.

Please send to Stronsay, Beacon Crescent, Hindhead, Surrey, GU26 6UG OR use the Contact Form


Once I have collected a focussed range of options which fit your requirements- typically 5,6 or 7 rugs for each space- I will bring them to your room on a day and at a time to suit you. Please remember when setting a time that daylight is best – unless it is a room you only ever use at nigh time.


A large or expensive rug is a very important and emotive home décor addition which will make a huge difference to your space. I offer you the option to keep your favourites on approval for a while before making a decision. Don’t worry- if you are not completely happy with your options there is no obligation to buy and I can either alter my search, offer to make you a bespoke rug or walk away.

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