Tapestry – Reproductions of Flemish and French Wall Hangings

Decorative woven wall hangings have been made since Hellenistic times and have served as objects of decorative fascination, as well as providing functional insulation. Made by hand from wool, as well as silk and metal thread, they were highly valued as transportable symbols of wealth by Royalty and Nobility in Europe from the 13th century onwards. Churches also commissioned scenes from the Bible to bring the stories alive for illiterate worshippers. Kings and queens would display their symbols of power on the finest of tapestries behind their thrones when holding court.

The tapestry weave gives a flat appearance – i.e. without a pile – and the width wise weft thread provides the design. These new reproductions are made by skilled artisans using the exact same colours, materials and techniques and represent excellent value considering their beauty and the area of wall space they cover.

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