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Vintage Persian Tabriz Rug *

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12’8″ x 9’5″ /  3.86 x 2.86. One of 100’s of old and antique rugs in stock!

Handmade wool and silk City/Workshop rugs made by hand in the city and surrounding villages of Tabriz, an important NW Iranian city and the capital of the major weaving area. Tabriz was the first weaving centre to make rugs for export in the mid 19th century. This is the main reason so many designs are made here- they simply treated weaving what the West wanted.

A highly organised and commercial production of mainly wool rugs, with some silk being woven, which are made in large numbers and to a generally high standard. The knot type is different to most other Persian rugs as Tabriz is a Turkic city. Persian wool and silk Tabriz rugs are handmade on vertical looms in workshops/factories with 10 to 100 units, so the quality is closely controlled and the designs well implemented. These can be geometric repeating motifs or floral sprays arranged around a central medallion, either of which work very well to give us elegant, refined and very Persian looking rugs. The wool is machine spun and quite soft so these are comfortable rugs with a dense high knot count. The colours can sometimes let them down as they can be quite harsh and deep but this gives them a hugely luxurious feel too.

PROS- Elegant, luxurious and well made rugs. Lots of design and deeper colours make them very practical also. Along with Kashan, Kerman, Meshed and Isfahan they are the most Persian looking of rugs. Can be restored if damaged. Clean up very well. Look lovely in larger sizes. Heavy, dense pile makes them lie flat. Soft wool is ideal for comfort.

CONS- Colours can be quite harsh and can run/bleed when overly wet or incorrectly cleaned. Can be overpriced to unwary buyers. Wool can be too blended and soft for decades of hard use.

From £600m2

Type: Handmade
Origin: Iran
Materials: Wool on Cotton Base
One-Off: Yes
Available in Showroom: NW London
Inspiration: View Rug Inspiration

Please use your rug with a suitable underlay which will protect the back of the knots and allow dirt to fall through the rug. Vacuum sparingly, once a week is sufficient, and do so on a low power and without the rotating brush, as this strips the pile. Clean professionally at least once every five years. Turn your rug every year if possible to even out footfall patterns and sun fading. Never leave your rug undisturbed under furniture in the dark. Keep a moth trap in the room if possible.