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Vintage Persian Malayer Rug – PM/A/18/146

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6’6″ x 4’2″ / 1.97 x 1.27 . Other rug sizes and runners are available

Vintage Persian Malayer were rugs woven by hand, using the Turkish knot, in the town of the same name in the Kurdish northwest of Iran in the southern part of the Hamedan Province. They were very well woven, supple and strong rugs. More modern Malayer rugs bear little relation their older brothers and are much more like their run of the mill Hamadan cousins- very mediocre quality all round, but great value as a result.

Vintage Persian Malayer from before 1940 in good condition are highly prized for the way the colours have mellowed with age – you will see sublime soft dusky reds, greens, blues and yellows  The effect of wear shortening the pile has given them a wonderful crispness to the design. They have a very distinctive back where the white warps threads surface every other row- this is which is the best way to identify them.

This fine example of a vintage Persian Malayer rug has a blue main ground colour with a gorgeous shade of soft red to sit ‘atop’ it, with tertiary tones of paler blue, earth and apricot. It possesses all of the qualities mentioned above. The ‘herati’ serrated leaf motif was commonly used and often looks like fish in a formal Persian garden pond.

These are proper rugs with a price point to reach for.

From £1,000m2

Type: Handmade
Origin: Iran
Materials: Wool on a Cotton Base
One-Off: Yes
Available in Showroom: NW London
Inspiration: View Rug Inspiration

Please use your rug with a suitable underlay which will protect the back of the knots and allow dirt to fall through the rug. Vacuum sparingly, once a week is sufficient, and do so on a low power and without the rotating brush, as this strips the pile. Clean professionally at least once every five years. Turn your rug every year if possible to even out footfall patterns and sun fading. Never leave your rug undisturbed under furniture in the dark. Keep a moth trap in the room if possible.