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Vintage Persian ‘Meshkin’ Rug

Vintage rugs are available as one-offs and the prices, colours and sizes cannot be indexed. I source them to individual request

15’9″ x 11’1″ /  4.79 x 3.38. One of 100’s of vintage rugs I can show you!

Hand knotted with a very soft luxurious wool pile in the far NW of Iran on the border with Azerbaijan overlooking the Caspian Sea. The designs are clearly Caucasian in nature, being more angular than Persian. Although relatively coarse in weave they are generally of good sound structure and the wonderful wool more than makes up for the lack of fineness.

Hand-knotted Persian Meshkin rugs are very distinctive for their ultra-soft wool and wide selvedge (side edges).  The colours are rich and often too dark unless used in a sunny or well-lit room, particularly the vintage rugs from the 50s and 60s. The cream ground Meshkin rugs tend to become bled into by the darker surrounding colours which makes them ideal shabby chic decorations.  Persian Meshkin hand-knotted wool rugs are a very smart buy for those looking for visual and practical warmth as well as superb comfort underfoot.

They are almost always in runner -long and narrow-or a gallery rug (woven to a scale of 3/2) format but can be combined in rooms to delineate areas of seating.

This gallery rug example of a hand-knotted wool Persian Meshkin has the washed out vintage colours that retain some of their former brilliance but you can see the evidence of the colour bleed into the grey ground areas.

From £300m2

Type: Handmade
Origin: Iran
Materials: Wool on a Cotton Base
One-Off: Yes
Available in Showroom: NW London
Inspiration: View Rug Inspiration

Please use your rug with a suitable underlay which will protect the back of the knots and allow dirt to fall through the rug. Vacuum sparingly, once a week is sufficient, and do so on a low power and without the rotating brush, as this strips the pile. Clean professionally at least once every five years. Turn your rug every year if possible to even out footfall patterns and sun fading. Never leave your rug undisturbed under furniture in the dark. Keep a moth trap in the room if possible.