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Calvin Klein ‘Prairie’ Rug – Beige

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An absolutely gorgeous rug from Calvin Klein, pieced together from natural animal hide. The colours are fresh clean and wholly natural, with a Scandinavian aesthetic that invites you to the summit of simplicity. Please note these are grown-up high-end rugs that should be used in a residential room only – no chewing animals or small children!

4′ x 6′ – £1,199.00
5’6″ x 7’5″ – £1,999.00
8′ x 10′ – £3,432.00 £3,799.00
9′ x 12′ – £4,582.00 £5,199.00

Type: Handmade
Origin: India
Materials: Hair and Hide on Felt
Available in Showroom: N London

Please use your rug with a suitable underlay which will protect the back of the knots and allow dirt to fall through the rug. Vacuum sparingly, once a week is sufficient, and do so on a low power and without the rotating brush, as this strips the pile. Clean professionally at least once every five years. Turn your rug every year if possible to even out footfall patterns and sun fading. Never leave your rug undisturbed under furniture in the dark. Keep a moth trap in the room if possible.