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Calvin Klein ‘Lowland’ Rug- Basalt

* This rug is an example of what I offer. Please enquire about current stock to see availability”.

Handmade in India using an innovative mix of materials to make a highly contemporary minimalist and affordable designer rug. This Lowland rug by Calvin Klein is a subtle basalt colour which is light in tone and goes perfectly with pale fabrics. The interesting surface texture and striations afford it more than just a ‘flat’ rug appearance and gives you a 21st-century impression of relaxed affluence, qualified to fit into any style of interior.

Handwoven in India with a 41% wool content, along with other materials, to help with durability and ease of upkeep.

Available in stock in 3 useful sizes to fit the modern home.

NB. Do not vacuum with a revolving head brush and use with a suitable underlay to help with longevity and placement.

4′ x 6′ – £229.00
5’3″ x 7’5″ – £379.00
7’9″ x 9’9″ – £749.00

Type: Hand Woven
Origin: India
Materials: Wool, Polyester, Cotton, Rayon
One-Off: No
Available in Showroom: N London

Please use your rug with a suitable underlay which will protect the back of the knots and allow dirt to fall through the rug. Vacuum sparingly, once a week is sufficient, and do so on a low power and without the rotating brush, as this strips the pile. Clean professionally at least once every five years. Turn your rug every year if possible to even out footfall patterns and sun fading. Never leave your rug undisturbed under furniture in the dark. Keep a moth trap in the room if possible.