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Modern rugs are the most popular style of rugs sold in our store in 2021. This is not surprising, as there are so many different styles and designs available, and shoppers can always find a suitable contemporary rug for any room or purpose.

Traditional rugs, with Oriental Persian patterns, or classic European or Victorian designs date back centuries. These rugs are beautiful, ornate, and intricate, but not always fitting for a modern home. 

The design of classic elegant rugs and modern designs are sometimes similar regarding colour and pattern. Other modern rugs have nothing in common with traditional Oriental-like designs and are far more Western in their patterns and colours.


A modern rug has a non-traditional design and can range from a plain single monotone rug, perhaps with varied texture, to highly abstract funky designs with very bright colours.
The pile may be of wool or bamboo silk, viscose or cotton, and their construction is either handmade, hand tufted, hand loomed or machine made.
Modern rugs come in various patters and colours such as Black, Black & White, Blue, Brown, Cream,Green, Grey, Orange, Purple, Red , White, and Yellow.
Modern rugs also come in various sizes including Round, Runner, and Square.


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Founded in 1980 in New York, Nourison is a prominent international floor company that offers an extensive selection of area rugs in trend-setting colours and designs. The skilled craftsmanship and exclusive finishing methods the company favours make each rug a work of art.


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Like all goods made by the brand, Calvin Klein rugs are a high-end designer product that represents true quality. This is a rug collection that conveys the perception of authentic comfortable elegance with luxurious soft texture and fresh, clean designs.


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Previously famous as a supermodel, Kathy Ireland is now globally known as a successful entrepreneur. Kathy Ireland rugs are extremely popular with home decor enthusiasts and available in both modern and traditional designs.


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Rama Carpets was established in 1965 by British rug enthusiast Simon Gorjian, and to this day remains a family business. From the outset, the company won a reputation for offering high-quality rugs and excellent service.


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Previously famous as a supermodel, Kathy Ireland is now globally known as a successful entrepreneur. Kathy Ireland rugs are extremely popular with home decor enthusiasts and available in both modern and traditional designs.

Modern Rugs Design

Stark contrasts often symbolise modern contemporary rug design, and new rug designers frequently include geometric patterns and or abstract elements in their creations.

Unlike older rugs, modern rug design is exceptionally diverse, offering consumers endless variety. Sometimes a modern rug looks more like a work of art than a floor covering!

Although modern rug design often involves striking colours and distinctive design elements, you can also find some amazing subtle contemporary rugs to fit perfectly with less dramatic décor. You can find many modern rugs in one or two colours without any elaborate patterns.

Single-coloured or subtly patterned rugs made with wool, viscose, rayon, or other low-lying pile yarns are perfect to match neutral-coloured existing decor. Or you can go for something louder to add an eclectic contrast.

If you’re want to complement a modern room, look for a rug with a bright, bold pattern, such as a chevron pattern or stripes, or an abstract design that makes a statement.

Modern Rugs for The Living Room

Few decor components are as transformative in the living room as an area rug. Size, shape, texture, colours, and pattern are all attributes to consider, along with deciding if a specific rug will complement or clash with existing decor and furniture. The wrong choice can throw the entire room off balance.

Before you search for a rug for the living room, you will have to think about your home life. If you live quietly alone or with another adult, you won’t need to consider wear and tear and spills like you would if you have several young children and pets. You also need to consider if your priority is glamour or comfort. If you like to entertain, you will probably go for glamour, but if your idea of a perfect evening is staying at home reading a good book, comfort is likely more important to you.

Get the size right

Oversized rugs can dwarf the space in a living room, while a too-small rug will make a room look incomplete or not well considered. It is important to choose a size that matches the room’s size and arrangement.

When living toom rug shopping, a good rule of thumb is to go for a rug that fits the room’s seating area rather than covering most of the room. If you measure the area from the sofa’s front legs and the front legs of any armchairs or additional seating, you will have a good idea of the rug size you need.

If you place all the sofa on the rug or just the front legs, leaving a few inches between the wall and the rug’s border will help define the seating area.

Modern Rugs for The Bedroom

Leaving a warm, cosy bed and stepping onto a cold floor is a no-no for most of us. A snug rug under the bed prevents cold feet and helps reduce sound. It furthermore adds interest and colour to a room. Modern bedroom rugs come in all shapes, textures, and shades, so you can be sure you’ll find a rug to fit in seamlessly with your existing decor.

Sizing a bedroom rug

When choosing a bedroom rug, remember the bed should always be the focus of the bedroom. Any rug placed under the bed should extend around 18-24 inches beyond the bed’s edges.

As the bed is the central feature of the room, a rug should emphasise it. A large rug under the bed that continues beyond the edges or smaller rugs beside the bed will accent the bed perfectly. Simply placing a large rug in the room’s centre without considering the bed, can make a bedroom appear off-balance.

There are three ways to use rugs in the bedroom: with the entire bed on the rug, with the lower two-thirds of the bed on the rug, or with runner rugs at the sides of the bed.

Creating an 18 to 24-inch rug border around the bed means you’ll always have a warm surface to step onto when you get in or out of bed. If you have an Ottoman or bench at the end of the bed, the rug should ideally reach beyond that as well.

If your budget and space allow it, set the bed and accompanying night tables, benches, etc., entirely on a rug for a designer look. Remember to buy a rug big enough for all four legs of the bedside tables, so two don’t hang off the rug creating an uneven surface.

Alternatively, placing a rug under the bottom two thirds of the bed works well in smaller rooms and is cheaper than buying a rug to include the bed and nightstands. In this arrangement, bedside tables should be behind the rug on the floor to make sure they’re even.

Another popular option is to use runner rugs beside the bed. This layout is ideal for smaller rooms, especially if the bed is in a corner. Bedside rugs look best when slightly wider than the bedside table and when they do not extend beyond the bed’s foot.

Modern Rugs for the Dining Room

Some people are unsure if rugs belong in the dining room. After all, it’s the room where the family eats, and with food and drink come crumbs and spills. However, a modern rug can look fabulous under a dining room table, and cleaning them is much easier than many people realise.

Not only do rugs in the dining room look good, bringing in warmth, but they also protect the floor. With a heavy table, plus several chairs that are regularly moved in and out, the dining room floor can suffer substantial wear and tear. A rug helps prevent marking the floor, which is a great benefit and money saver when it comes to selling the home.

Sizing a dining room rug

When deciding which size modern rug will best suit a dining room, it is good to look at the chairs rather than the table. You don’t want the chairs to encounter the edge of the rug when guests sit down or stand up. It is best if there are at least two feet of rug beyond the chair’s back legs when they are pushed in.

If your dining table has leaves that are used from time to time, take rug measurements when the leaves are extended, and the dining table is at its largest. The rug won’t look too big when the leaf is not in use.

It’s not always feasible to get a rug this large due to space or budget. So, buy as big as possible, bearing in mind the chairs might trip on the rug if you buy smaller. When buying big, a rug that stops just after the pulled-out chairs will look great, but if you decide to go bigger, it is best to stop at least six inches short of any other furniture items, or your floor covering will look like a carpet rather than a rug. This also puts focus on the table, making it a distinct feature from other furniture.

Choosing a shape, colour, and material

Generally, rectangular dining tables work best with rectangle rugs. Round and square dining tables work well with either round or square rugs, but it all comes down to personal taste.

In the dining room, it is advisable to opt for a modern low pile rug. High-pile rugs will trap crumbs and are more difficult to clean. A flatweave or low pile rug that’s a maximum of 1/2″ high works best in a dining room. Chairs will also slide easier on a lower pile rug.

The easiest to clean materials are wool and synthetic materials like polypropylene. Contemporary jute and natural fibre rugs are durable and economical, but they are not the best material for a dining room rug, as they are more prone to staining.

The lighter the rug, the more noticeable stains will be. Vivid bright colours or dark tones are best for concealing spills. Patterned contemporary rugs, even in lighter more neutral shades, are also suitable for disguising stains on a dining room rug.

Modern Rugs as Wall Art

Some modern rugs are so artistic, assigning them to the floor seems like a crime. Consider using these beautiful creations as vertical decoration instead – rugs add texture, colour, and warmth to blank walls needing an aesthetic boost.

Using rugs as a wall hanging is a growing trend that has become extremely popular in recent years. A gorgeous rug will set the tone and style of a space, whether it is on the floor or a wall. If the floor won’t deliver your fabulous rug the publicity it deserves, place it at eye-level.

Contemporary rugs upgrade the look and feel of a room and using them as a wall hanging is a phenomenal way to give a room a cool, edgy look. We’re used to artwork being the focal point of a room, but your wall art doesn’t have to be a print or painting.

When choosing a rug for the wall, go for large, vibrant, and colourful designs for a stylish, chic look. It’s optimal to hang a rug as wall art in a room without other patterns, but with neutral colours, so the statement rug gets the attention it deserves.

Where you decide to hang the rug will depend partly on the rug’s size and the available space. Make sure that you find an area where it will be noticed and seize your guest’s attention, or if you don’t entertain, where you will see it often and enjoy it.

Modern Designer Rugs

Modern designer rugs are rugs made by famous or prestigious fashion designers. These tend to be luxurious items, made with the highest quality materials, and with designs that stand out from the crowd. We stock designer rugs from several famous designers, including Calvin Klein, Nourison, Kathy Ireland, Asiatic, and Rama. Our range of designer rugs will add style, colour, texture, and warmth to any room.

Calvin Klein Rugs

Like all the brand’s products, Calvin Klein rugs are a high-end designer home furnishings that represent true quality. This rug collection conveys authentic, luxurious elegance with rich, soft textures and fresh, clean patterns.

The simple transitional designs characteristic of Calvin Klein connects contrasting shades and unique colour blends with fine textures, using the highest quality wool, bamboo, and other eco-friendly sustainable materials to produce gorgeous contemporary rugs that echo the impeccable high standards of Calvin Klein.

Kathy Ireland Rugs

Previously well known for her successful career as a supermodel, Kathy Ireland is now recognised worldwide as a successful designer and entrepreneur. Kathy Ireland rugs are immensely popular with home decor aficionados and on sale in modern and traditional designs.

The Kathy Ireland range features exquisite designs and colour palettes agreeable to even the most discerning buyers. The collections are amazingly versatile, with items for all budgets and tastes.

Kathy Ireland rugs are made by Nourison, which started out as a New York family company and has worked in the rug industry for more than forty years.

Nourison Rugs

Established in 1980 in New York, Nourison is a leading international floor coverings company that offers a vast variety of modern area rugs in trendsetting designs and palettes. The skilled artistry and unique finishing techniques the company uses make each rug a work of art.

Nourison rugs are available at all price points to suit all pockets, from low budget to affluent. Nourison oversees almost every phase of the rug manufacturing process, and around 85% of its products are produced from sustainable, natural textiles. Their high quality, extensive catalogue, and customer-focused service have made them an in-demand supplier in the home furnishing and hospitality sectors.

The company’s products include licensed collections from popular brands, including Calvin Klein and Kathy Ireland.

Rama Rugs

Rama Carpets was founded in 1965 by British rug lover Simon Gorjian, and even day continues as a family business. From the early days, the company gained a reputation for providing high-quality rugs and outstanding service.

In 1999 Rama Carpets began collaborating with Nourison, which enabled them to present customers with a wider variety of modern rugs and contemporary carpets.

In 2021, Rama offers a selection of innovative rugs in contemporary and classical designs to satisfy today’s diverse market requirements.

Asiatic Rugs

Asiatic is one of the leading rug suppliers in the UK and globally.  For more than six decades, Asiatic has been at the forefront of companies in the rug sector. Today, it offers one of the most comprehensive commercial rug ranges in Europe, ranging from delicate hand-knotted wool rugs to fashionable modern rugs made with materials such as viscose, polypropylene, and polyester.

Asiatic’s team of highly experienced product developers regularly travels to the world’s rug weaving centres for inspiration. They adopt the expertise they observe to develop a market-leading selection of exceptional rugs.

The company is passionate about perfection in their rugs and committed to supporting their client base customers by continuously expanding their portfolio and designs to meet all customer requirements at every level.

Modern Rug Buyer Help

If you need help with selecting a modern rug, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Persian and Modern Rugs founder, Nicolas Larson has been engaged in every facet of the rug business for more than three decades. Working in the UK and the USA, he has dealt in wholesale and retail, with new, old, and antique rugs.

Nicolas has worked sourcing rugs for some of the finest US interior designers, selling museum quality pieces to the very discerning. Nicolas will always find the absolute best rug for any budget, working up to quality, rather than down to price. So, if you need help choosing a contemporary rug, contact Nicolas today, nothing is too much trouble!

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