Grey Persian Rugs

I can supply you with a grey rug from a choice of fine grey Persian rugs, or a rug which broadly features grey in the design. All styles of grey rugs can be sourced, from classic to contemporary and in any size.

If I do not have your ideal grey rug on this page, get in touch as I am constantly sourcing rugs and am certain I can find exactly the style of grey rug you are looking for.

This stock is shown in varying colours and designs but are available in many formats – images are shown for demonstration purposes. Please enquire for your specific requirement.

All Wool Handmade Tapestry – Woodland Nymphs Playing with their Dog


A Beautiful Handmade Tapestry Nature Scene


Prismatic Rug 05 – Silvercloud

15% reduction on list prices  

‘Divine’ Abstract Rug – Sea Mist

15% of all list prices  

Persian ‘Sultanabad’ Rug

From £400m2