Furnishing – The most luxurious, deep piled rug available. Incredibly heavy, dense pile and superb furnishing colours combine to give these rugs a stately feel- no surprise there as they were originally made for the French Courts. However, they are highly ornate in the French floral style but can also be commissioned in custom designs and colours.
The Chinese weavers started to make superb reproductions of the original French Savonnerie in the late 20thcentury. They are faithful to the originals to the exact designs and colours and are excellent value for money considering the weight of wool used. Once in a room they do not move and provide unrivalled luxury underfoot as well as super sound and heat insulation. They are a rug made to fit into a traditional home, often in a room filling size, when the scale allows the designs to come to the fore. As a long-term floor covering a Chinese Savonnerie should last at least 100 years, even in a well-used space, offering the same elegance as the tapestry weave Aubusson rugs. If commissioning a custom option do not expect a quick delivery- a large version will take 6 months to make and another 6-8 weeks to send by sea- air shipping this weight of rug would be prohibitive.

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