A comprehensive, compellingly creative and cost effective way to have the perfect rug or carpet made.
I offer a fully comprehensive bespoke rug making service to suit any taste and any budget. You can design your own, alter an existing template, have my designers- or one of my partner artists- create you something unique! I have the use of looms in Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, and Nepal so rugs can be hand knotted, hand tufted or crafted with a hand power loom. The weavers are ethically treated, the materials are the very best to suit the budget and the prices are unbelievably low!
I have made rugs for residential and commercial clients and guarantee to personally oversee the work at every stage. I send regular updates and images and try my utmost to keep to schedules where humanly possible.
Prices start from only £100m2 for an artisan made piece of floor art!



Step 1

Get in touch me via email, phone or via the contact form. Please feel free to send me all your rug parameters – maximum and minimum sizes, materials you like, colour swatches and paint samples, and rug designs you have seen in magazines, books, museums or other retailers. A budget is required too. The more information the better!

Step 2

I will consider all the information you have given me and then, if required, arrange to visit your home or office to further discuss your needs. Once we have a clear understanding of exactly what is needed I will confer with my designers and weavers and provide you with a quote and delivery time. NB. Some weaving countries have inordinately long national or religious holidays!

Step 3

I will then provide you with a CAD (Computer Aided Drawing ) of possible designs. If you have paid for a unique design from one of my UK based artists you will see a hand drawn image. These will be sent you along with the colour yarns which most closely mimic your colours swatches and fabrics.

Step 4

If you need a sample I will deliver one to you to sign off on within 4 weeks. Otherwise the dyers will custom colour your materials and then the rug will be started. You will be kept informed of the progress at all stages and the shipping and delivery date sent to you near the completion date.

Step 5

Depending on your urgency the rug will be shipped by sea or air and I will collect and deliver for you from the port of entry. If you are not wholly satisfied with the rug though the fault of me or my weavers you will either receive a full refund or I will make you another.

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