Fine Persian Senneh Rug

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9’4″ x 6’9″ / 2.85 x 2.04 -. Many other sizes are available including runners.

Senneh ( now called Sanandaj ) is the capital of Kurdistan in NW Iran and produces highly distinctive small and large repeating motif rugs, the Boteh and Herati. They should be categorised into two types- the extremely fine rugs made in Senneh itself and the second grade production made in the surrounding area and called Senneh Kurd and Hamadan Senneh. Whilst all are either excellent or good rugs and are generally fantastic quality compared with much on the current market quality, the best Senneh are expensive and rightly so. Some very fine wool on silk and silk on silk examples are made and if you like flatewenve kills then the best Senneh ones are woven on a silk foundation and are gorgeous. However expensive modern Persian Senneh rugs are very good value for money as the wool is of the highest  quality. In particular handmade Persian rugs and runners are better value and more hard wearing than non-Persian weavings. If you have a very busy hallway then reach for one of these rugs or runners as they take tremendous wear and clean up well.

This example is typical of the Senneh weavings and shows the typical small allover interlocking motifs and the lovely soft red dye they use.


Type: Handmade
Origin: Iran
Materials: Wool on a Cotton Base
One-Off: Yes
Available in Showroom: NW London N London
Inspiration: View Rug Inspiration

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