Persian Bijar Rug

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5’9″ x 7’11″/ 2.76 x 2.42  –  Other rug sizes, runners and rounds are avilable.

Bijar (Bidjar) and its surrounding hamlets is a small agricultural town in the mountains of NW Iran which makes very heavy and hard-wearing hand-knotted wool rugs, beloved in the West for their superb ageing qualities and all-around attractiveness. Their nickname is the ‘Iron Rugs of Iran’ and perhaps reflects the no-nonsense character of the inhabitants of the Bijar area- Kurdish farming folk like to have something hefty and long-lasting as well as a practical floor covering that insulates against extreme cold. The knots are beaten down after each row is woven using a special tool which packs the pile extremely tightly before multiple locking width wise wefts are inserted. The vintage examples of wool piled Persian Bijar rugs are far superior to the newly woven examples- and in good quality and age are my favourite village rugs bar none – but they are still very good compared with much of the dross on the market. They trade heavily on their reputation and use some glaring pink, purple and green dyes which the antique versions lack. One would hope that time and use will tone down these ‘candy colours’ which the Iranians adore. The all-over design is the easiest to use in an off-centre room when furniture will not block out important design elements. Still, one of the best new rugs on the market but if you can reach for a vintage piece in good condition to obtain maximum beauty.

This hand-knotted wool Persian Bijar village rug has a medallion and allover herati motif design using lovely soft rust and ivory tones.
NB. Because of the ultra-dense packed pile you should never fold Bijar rugs- roll them only, or you may crack the integral warp threads.
Available in sizes ranging from 5’x3’/1.52×0.91 up to massive rugs of 22’x14’/6.70×4.27 and bigger. Runners, gallery rugs and runners are made.


Type: Handmade
Origin: Iran
Materials: Wool on a Cotton Base
One-Off: Yes
Available in Showroom: NW London
Inspiration: View Rug Inspiration

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