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How To Price Persian and Oriental Rugs

The good news is that you can gain a fair idea of the correct price of hand-knotted Persian or Oriental rugs by doing research on the internet.  The bad news is that it takes many years of experience within the rug business to gain this vital knowledge. There are 1000’s of rug types made in […]

Persian Rugs as an Investment

There are a few ways of judging the attractiveness of investing in rugs. They are of course, in the older and rarer examples, a commodity like any other art form. There are rabid collectors of rugs and textiles who will compete for a fragment of 17thcentury Turkish ‘Oushak’ rug or 19thcentury Persian Q’ashqa’I salt bag. […]

How to look after your Persian or Oriental rug

A handmade Persian rug is very likely one of your major home furnishing purchases and just because it is on the floor does not mean it cannot be looked after very well. Your rug should both reflect your character, your spending power and perfectly suit your room colours and use. It is an artisan product […]

What is the Difference Between a Persian and Oriental Rug?

There are thousands of rug types produced across the globe, from hand knotted to hand tufted, hand loomed to power loomed, piled and flat, and in a wide array of materials. However, the term ‘Persian rug’ has come to mean a hand-knotted (every single knot tied by hand around threads strung around a loom) rug, […]